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Our department was established in 2007 within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Erzincan University. The department started education with a total of 80 students in normal and evening levels. Students graduate from the Department of History after four years of education with the title of “historian” and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

The aim of the department is to make students understand the historical events that have affected the human being as a social being in the light of the facts from politics, economy, religion and arts. In our department, we not only focus on the introduction of source documents and research methods that make history a science, but also the sciences such as history, geography, economics, law, sociology and philosophy that will help the historian to analyze past events.

Graduates of the Department of History will have the opportunity to work as experts and translators under the title of Historian at the Ministry of Culture, Prime Ministry General Directorate of State Archives, Library of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, State Institute of Statistics, Presidency of General Staff Military History and Strategic Studies, Presidency of Turkish Historical Society, Presidency of Atatürk Research Center, Presidency of Atatürk Cultural Center and many other public institutions and organizations. In addition to having master’s and doctoral education at universities, they have the opportunity to work as instructors under the title of Research Assistant, Expert and Instructor. At the same time, students who take formation courses in addition to the courses in the History undergraduate program can also work as teachers in private schools and study centers as well as schools within the Ministry of National Education.

Professor Dr. Abdulkadir Gül

Head of Department