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Department of Sociology received its first undergraduate students in the 2017-2018 academic year. With its four-year undergraduate program, our department aims to provide students with knowledge by analyzing the research areas of sociology including society, social life and interactions, groups, social clustering, culture, institutions and structures, and to train students who are able to handle human as a social entity in the light of other human sciences such as history, economy and psychology.

The main purpose of the education that we envision is not to give information to the students, but to give them the skills to acquire and analyze the information. For this reason, not only a theoretical program is applied but also field studies are taken into account. Our program aims to educate sociologists who can analyze events, facts and theories critically and independently. The program envisaged in this context is a program that trains experts who have knowledge and skillls in the field of data collection and data analysis techniques, and are capable of conducting scientific researches and original surveys, and utilizing the technology required by the era. Our curriculum will train sociologists in line with these goals and will continue to evolve and develop in itself with the experience gained from year to year. The main purpose of the department is to get to a distinguished place among the current sociology departments in Turkey and to give our graduates confidence and maturity, and the knowledge required to fulfill professional goals.

Students who have completed their undergraduate studies in Sociology can work as experts, consultants and researchers in TÜİK, TÜBİTAK, SPO, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, media sector and public economic organizations in addition to universities. In a country with such a rapid social change and in the process of development like Turkey, community planning and the work of sociologists for monitoring the results of the services are needed. Additionally, graduates of sociology can work as a philosophy group teacher in secondary education institutions if they have enough education in the field of philosophy and psychology.

Assist. Prof. Sevda ÖZÜTÜRKER

Head of Department