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Psychology is a basic science that examines human and animal behaviors and the psychological, social and biological processes associated with these behaviors. Psychology collaborates with many different disciplines from sociology to anthropology, from biology to neurology while examining the emotions, thoughts and behaviors of people, and includes various sub-fields such as clinical psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology etc.

The aim of the undergraduate program of psychology is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills of psychology, scientific thinking and the ability to produce scientific knowledge. Graduates with the title of “Psychologist“ are employed in various public institutions and organizations such as hospitals, armed forces, police stations, penitentiaries, courts, educational institutions, guidance and counseling centers, private education centers, research companies, human resources departments in enterprises, psychology laboratories. They can work as psychologists in public health centers and related fields of private sector. Graduates who have completed the undergraduate program can specialize in any sub-field of psychology by taking graduate education, and are employed in universities in addition to business in the related field.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ORHAN

Co-Head of the Department