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Translation Studies

The most widely spoken international languages in the world are; English which is spoken by approximately one billion people in the form of official or second language in seventy-three countries, including Great Britain, the United States, Australia, India, the Philippines, Northern Ireland, Canada and New Zealand; French which is the official language of many European countries, including France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Canada and is spoken by some five hundred million people; Arabic, which is spoken by millions of people on the Arabian peninsula.

Our country, Turkey in the first place and the countries mentioned above are cooperating economically with the countries there. English is also the common language for today’s business, science, aviation, maritime, diplomacy, international communications, the film industry and the activities about the Internet. Since the cultural, commercial and international relations of Turkey and the mentioned countries are developed, in public institutions and private sector the need for individuals who are fluent in especially English, French and Arabic has increased. In the department of Translation Studies, education and training is given in order to train qualified English, French and Arabic translators that our country needs. On the other hand, the deparment undertake the mission of educating individuals who can solve problems related to the profession, can carry out teamwork and individual research successfully, can analyze and synthesize, can bring a critical and questioning approach against the problems, can think creatively, can organize cultural and artistic activities, can also take part in these activities, are equipped with the field required, are self-renewable, are adopted Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions, stay loyal to the basic principles of the Republic and who also take it as a duty to make cultural-scientific contributions to their region, to their country and to the world.

Prof. Dr. Faruk GÜRBÜZ

Head of Department