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Mission and Vision


Department of History has adopted it as self-mission to raise individuals who have gained a perspective of history, can solve the problems, carry out teamwork successfully, analyze and synthesize, adopt lifelong learning as a life principle with a critical and questioning approach, internalize scientific / academic approach, think creatively, organize cultural and artistic activities, adopted the principles and revolutions of Atatürk by taking the necessary equipment and knowledge of the field of education, and who culturally and scientifically contribute to our region and our country based on the determination that the past can be understood and examined through scientific method and interdisciplinary perspective.

Our department aims to raise the awareness of history in its students, while it has an understanding of education that emphasizes the necessity of approaching the events with a scientific point of view. Within the framework of this approach, World History is examined besides the Turkish History in our department, and contributions have been made to the historical researches for the benefit of humanity and the country.


Since the examination of the past is constantly taking a new form in today’s conditions, it is necessary to keep the scientific knowledge and education up-to-date with new methods and techniques, to increase the knowledge and equipment of the people in our country with a contemporary attitude, and to be sought and preferred by the institutions and organizations concerned with respectable undergraduates and graduates at national and international level, to develop projects in close cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, to produce and broadcast information and to be a part of the significant contributions to Turkey’s science and civilization.