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Mission and Vision


Based on the determination that the language, art, culture and literature of our distant and recent past can be understood by examining scientific methods and an interdisciplinary point of view, Turkish Language and Literature Department has set its mission as to raise individuals who gained the background knowledge regarding Turkology, can solve the problems related to the profession and successfully carry out teamwork and individual researches, and who are capable of analyzing and synthesizing, approaching the problems with a critical and questioning attitude and adopting this as a principle, internalizing the academic approach, thinking creatively, organizing cultural and artistic activities, and taking part in them, having the equipment required by the field, and who are aware of their deficiencies and constantly renew themselves, and who have embraced the principles and revolutions of Atatürk, started their professional life depending on the basic principles of the Republic and set their duty as to cultural-scientific contributions to the region and our country.

Within the framework of this approach, our mission is to contribute to the world Turcology circles, to research the language, art, culture and literature products of the distant and recent past of our nation, and to share the conclusions of our researches with the scientific circles and our students.


To keep constantly up to date by examining the past with scientific knowledge and new methods and techniques due to constant changes in today’s conditions, to increase of the knowledge and equipments of our citizens by adopting a modern perspective, and to be a department working for bringing Turkey to a position to make significant contributions to science and civilization.