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At the meeting of Higher Education General Assembly dated 18.10.2007, with the article 7 / d-2 of Law No. 2547, which was amended by Law No. 2880, the Department of Physics was opened within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Erzincan University; and has accepted its first students in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Department of Physics includes Atomic and Molecular Physics, General Physics, Solid State Physics, Mathematical Physics and Nuclear Physics; and accordingly, eight lecturers and three research assistants are employed. The aim of the department is to teach the basic concepts of physics, to show how many concepts and theories are derived from experimental studies, to provide the student with research skills. In addition to basic physics courses in which the student receives this information; electronics, computer programming, applied modern physics etc. applied courses are also given in the department.

In the Physics Department; it is aimed to carry out learning, research and development activities on the basic and applied physics. The aim of this course is to train physicists with laboratory experience and knowledge to contribute to research, development and technology production. With this knowledge, graduates of physics department can find job opportunities in universities and research institutions, various industries, especially in quality control applications and computer programming. Graduates can become teachers in secondary education when they meet the conditions stipulated by the Ministry of National Education.

Prof. Dr. Ali Ercan EKİNCİ
Head of Department