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Department of Chemistry was opened in Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University Faculty of Arts and Sciences with the article 7 / D-2 of Law No. 2547 and Law No. 2880 at the meeting of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated 18.10.2007; and in the 2009-2010 academic year, it started education with its first students. Our department is actively involved in education and training and R&D activities with 11 faculty members, 1 research assistant and 1 lecturer.

With the necessary knowledge, experience and infrastructure equipped with education and training facilities and staff, the mission of our department is to train students who can contribute to the ever-changing and technology-centered world of the 21st century, research, question, participate, maintain dynamic, cultural values, think globally, have a broad knowledge in chemistry and use this knowledge in daily life, committing himself to contribute to the development of science and technology, to serve successfully, to contribute to the development of the country and the region. The aim of the program is to educate professional and specialized graduates and academics with master’s and doctoral programs. The goal of the program is to conduct scientific research with the discovery and development of knowledge in the region and our country’s economic, intellectual, cultural, industrial and technological development to serve, at the international level in the light of scientific and ethical principles.

The vision of our department is to increase the quality of education at international standards and to conduct research at various international level under the guidance of the education and training staff equipped with the knowledge, experience and infrastructure required by the 21st century; and to train students who are respectful to the society and environment for the future of the country, are knowledgeable, productive, have the ability to express their knowledge, always develop their analytical thinking skills, and are conscious about the economic return of their activities, are skillful and knowledgeable in all basic disciplines of chemistry and other basic sciences related to chemistry and have the necessary equipment for their lives and the world around them.

In the Department of Chemistry, education is carried out with a 4-year undergraduate program. Graduates are given the title of CHEMIST.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Osman ÇUBUK

Co-Head of Department